Cast Comfort

Moye’s Pharmacy has Cast Comfort in stock and ready for walk-in purchase. You don’t have to leave Henry County to find this specialty product.

About Cast Comfort
Cast Comfort is a unique new aerosol spray product that keeps casted patients happy. It stops the unbearable itching, soothes the skin and helps eliminate any smelly odor. Cast Comfort may be applied through fiberglass casts, or directly to the skin under the casts. A thin plastic applicator tube allows patients to direct the cooling aerosol spray to problem areas.

Medical grade alcohol stops the itch; talk soothes and smooths the skin; a special drying agent helps control moisture; sodium bicarbonate and a light fragrance absorb and prevent odor.

Cast Comfort may be applied directly to the skin under splints, plaster, or fiberglass casts. Keep container in an upright position while spraying. Spray directly on cast or use tube to direct spray underneath cast. Do not spray for more than four seconds in one spot. Over use may result in dermal freezing. Use as often as needed.


CLINICAL USE: Prior to casting, spray directly on area of skin to be casted and continue normal casting procedures while Cast Comfort is drying. Give spray to patient for home use. Spray on skin after cast removal for maximum comfort.

 Fast Facts

  • Instantly relieves itching inside the cast
  • Prevents cast smelly odor
  • Long applicator tube helps the product reach deep into any cast
  • FDA Approved
  • DO NOT use with open wounds or stitches

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