Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Supplements

Moye’s Pharmacy has Dr. Pierce’s Favorite supplements in stock and ready for walk-in purchase.

About Dr. Pierce’s Favorite
Dr. Pierce’s Favorite offers quality supplements and superior nutritional products for the entire family. After seeing the lack of choices on the market, Pharmacist Loren Pierce handcrafted recipes that provide customized formulas for specific supplemental needs.

What can Dr. Pierce’s Favorite supplements be used for?

Whether you’re targeting depletions or looking to provide supplemental support, you can rest assured that Dr. Pierce’s Favorite provides nothing but quality FDA approved ingredients.

Selection includes:

  • Whey Protein
  • Multi-Strain Probiotic
  • 15-Day Cleanse
  • Maintenance Cleanse
  • Immune Support Formula
  • Sleep Well Formula
  • Ultimate Energy Formula
  • Advanced Garcinia
  • Advanced Fat Burner Formula

Dr. Pierce’s Favorite products are manufactured and tested in the USA using state of the art machinery and laboratories that are FDA regulated and inspected.

For more information visit the manufacturer’s website: http://drpiercesfavorite.com

*Dr. Pierce’s Favorite supplements are available in our Moye’s Pharmacies in Mcdonough, Stockbridge, Jackson, Hampton, and Locust Grove, Georgia.