COVID-19 Express Tests Available


Get your Covid-19 Express Test results in just 15 minutes!

Tests available at the McDonough location. Only $100

Call ahead to set an appointment at


Limited quantity available.

What is an Express Test and how does it work?

Express Tests are rapid diagnostic tests for COVID-19. To conduct the test, a Moye’s pharmacist or pharmacy technician will swipe the inside of your nose with a cotton-tipped swab. This test is a lower nasal swab, not nasopharyngeal.

How long to get results?

Just 15 minutes!

Is an appointment required?

Yes, you must call ahead to set an appointment at 770-957-1851. This service is only available at the McDonough location. We will have you park in a designated space and come out to administer the test.

How much does it cost?

The COVID-19 Express Test costs $100.

Tested positive and need treatment?

Visit to schedule a telehealth appointment with a doctor for only $59.

Do you offer other Express Tests?

Yes! We offer rapid Express Tests for both strep and the flu. The Flu test costs $80 and the Strep test costs $50. Save $20 when you combine the COVID-19 and Flu Express Tests for $160. For more information, visit our page Express Tests Available Here.

No required clinic visits, no extra fees.

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